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 East Asian medicine, rooted in ancient practices like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), offers a holistic approach to support fertility. This time-honored system recognizes the intricate connection between the body, mind, and spirit in the realm of reproductive health. Through acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle recommendations, East Asian medicine aims to balance the body's energy, known as Qi, and harmonize the various organ systems. By addressing underlying imbalances, improving circulation, reducing stress, and supporting hormonal equilibrium, East Asian medicine can enhance fertility and optimize the chances of conception. Its gentle yet effective techniques provide a nurturing path for individuals seeking natural support on their journey towards parenthood.


 Pregnancy is a transformative journey, and embracing a holistic approach can provide invaluable support. East Asian Medicine (EAM) offers a comprehensive toolkit to nurture a healthy pregnancy. Acupuncture, herbal remedies, tailored diets, mindful practices and integrative care are among the techniques utilized to promote balance and well-being through pregnancy. From alleviating common discomforts like nausea, fatigue, back pain, and pelvic pain to addressing hormonal fluctuations and reducing stress, EAM provides natural solutions to enhance overall pregnancy wellness. Additionally, EAM offers specialized techniques for labor preparation, helping parents-to-be feel empowered and ready for the birthing process. By embracing the gentle and nurturing methods of EAM, expectant parents can embark on this incredible journey with vitality and serenity.


 The postpartum period is a delicate and transformative phase, and East Asian Medicine offers invaluable support during this time of transition. Drawing from the wisdom of Traditional Medicine, this holistic approach recognizes the unique needs of birthing people and focuses on restoring balance and vitality. Acupuncture, herbal remedies, nourishing diets, and self-care practices are among the tools used to address postpartum challenges such as fatigue, hormonal changes, emotional well-being, and physical recovery. Additionally, creating a postpartum plan is essential to ensure proper support and care. By proactively designing a plan that includes practical considerations, emotional support, and access to healthcare professionals, new parents can navigate the postpartum period with greater ease and well-being. Find out more about how to create a postpartum plan here. 

Specializing in 1:1 Perinatal Support

What does it mean to have 1:1 support? It means dedicating time to truly grasp the intricacies of your entire being. It means harnessing a harmonious fusion of techniques that foster a state of allostasis—an integral principle in East Asian Medicine. Allostasis, the art of maintaining stability amidst change, lies at the very core of this philosophy. Life itself is an ever-evolving tapestry of transformations, and this holds true for the realms of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum experiences. I firmly believe that nurturing the body's innate capacity to find balance amidst change is paramount to attaining optimal health and embracing a sense of well-being at every step of this extraordinary journey.


The roots of acupuncture delve deep, and like any living thing with roots it has adapted and evloved over time.  While the practice of acupuncture has transformed significantly from its ancient origins, the guiding principles have endured. Our connection to the world that surrounds us allows us to perceive health through identifiable patterns. These patterns serve as a compass, guiding us towards improved well-being, which in turn forms the bedrock for the transformative perinatal period. Using the insights provided by East Asian Medicine, we embark on a journey of holistic care, unlocking the potential for optimal health during this remarkable phase of life.  

Herbal Formulas

Herbal medicine plays a significant role in the tapestry of East Asian medicine. You've probably heard the age-old adage, "food is medicine," and herbs fall right into that tasty spectrum, albeit with a touch more potency than your average head of broccoli. Herbal medicine is tailored to your unique pattern type, akin to a custom-made ensemble for your whole self. Whether you require short-term alleviation or embark on a long-term path towards health, herbal formulas offer substantial impact, particularly in addressing gynecological concerns.  Each patient undergoes a thorough evaluation to ensure a harmonious pairing between you and your herbal formula.  Depending on your needs and goals a formula may or may not be right for you, if you live in Oregon, book an herbal consultation below. 


Have you ever had a reverse massage?  Cupping is kind of like having a massage but instead of exerting pressure into the tissues of the body it is using negative pressure and pulling things up and away.  This feels like what one would imagine a vacuum feeling like on your body but more gentle and a lot less loud.  The characteristic cupping marks have been seen on olympians like Michael Phelps and despite their striking appearance they are completely painless. Cupping is generally relaxing and effective for many pain conditions. 

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A Bit About Myself


It was through my own fertility journey, pregnancy and postpartum period when I found I had more questions than answers.  I felt that I wanted to understand more about my body and the major transformations endured through the process of bringing a baby into the world.  I used my professional training in Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine to guide me through the endless sea of information, research and well-meaning opinions.  This quest has inspired me to create Ren Well; a well of resources to support you and your growing family at every stage.  My commitment and passion to continue learning is what makes this an evolving and expanding resource.  I also believe an important aspect to creating these resources is working with other practitioners from different modalities, I love the integrative approach! 

Here, I hope you find connection and information because in the end we are not meant to do this whole raising babies thing alone.  It’s no secret that we thrive most in community.  

So, consider this your connection to community and if you have some burning questions then book a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation and ask me.  I’m here for you.  

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